Our Nursing Team

Urological Cancers:

We have 3 nurse specialists working in our department dedicated to the care of patients with urological cancers. Mary and Denise look after all aspects of prostate cancer; from diagnosis to treatment. Aoife looks after our patients with bladder cancer.

We are happy to be contacted with any queries or concerns you have in relation to your cancer diagnosis, Monday - Friday 8am-4pm. Our contact details are below:

Denise Murray

Uro-Oncology CNS


Mary Nevin

Uro-Oncology CNS


Aoife McDonnell

cANP Urology (Bladder Cancer)


We also have 2 nurse specialists working in urodynamics. This is a procedure used to assess your bladders function. Its results helps us determine individualised treatment options for many benign urological conditions.

Siobhan Gardiner

Urology CNS Urodynamics


Alex Aloysius

Urology CNS Uroflow



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