Welcome to the Urology department at St. Vincent's University Hospital

We provide a full range of clinical services covering the entire specialty of adult urology.

We have put together this website to provide our patients with information that is most relevant to the conditions we treat.


Finding the Right Information

There is so much information on the internet when patients start to look up their condition, meaning that many cannot tell which is trustworthy, and can often get confused and misinformed by advertisements or information falsely pretending to be scientific fact.

Here you will find videos, information sheets and websites that we recommend. We hope you find this helpful.

What We Do

The department provides a full service for all benign (non-cancerous) urological conditions as well as urological cancers, working closely with our colleagues in medical and radiation oncology. We offer open, laparoscopic (key-hole), percutaneous (via the skin), and robotic assisted surgery as treatment for both benign and malignant conditions.

We offer a wide range of services including;

iconAssessment and treatment of all adult general urological conditions
iconRapid Access Prostate Clinic (RAPC) / Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment
iconOncology (all genitourinary cancers)
iconRapid Access Haematuria Clinic
iconKidney stone treatment and prevention
iconMale & Female incontinence
iconReconstructive urology

Referrals to the department are accepted from GP's via healthmail.

It can take up to 2 weeks from the date your referral is received to you receiving an appointment. Appointments are scheduled based on their urgency as decided by each consultant.

Patient Information Leaflets

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